Wednesday, 8 April 2015


         Sorry folks- this is just a brief note to state the bleedin' obvious- I still don't know how this blog-lark works! I have been updating and adding to existing posts piecemeal which- I am told- is NOT how it's done as readers won't necessarily notice the alterations. I will now add "(completed-date)" to the title of any post I have finished (though I may need to make corrections or add references etc at any time). I have also failed to add new posts to those already on my "News and Notes" page either through massive incompetence or because it isn't "allowed"! This page will have to be  abandoned until I hopefully find an alternative.
        Please note therefore that the smithsonianus discussion below is as yet incomplete. I will try to only post when material is finished from now on- sorry for any inconvenience!

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